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Experiential Education

Ignorance is a state, which isolates man as hermetically tight as a prison.
Simone de Beauvoir

Often our own intuition, when attended to in the everyday experience, as well as contemporary research findings remind us that, what promotes mental and physical health and balance, particularly in times of crisis and anxiety, is not the constant investment in trying to avoid discomfort, but the mood to seek to creatively understand our personal experience, since by so doing the sense of confidence in oneself, resiliency and self-efficacy are strengthened.

In Ptyches …

…Lectures and Seminars for Personal Development and Professional Training, in cooperation with external scientific associates, are carried out in thematic fields such as:

  • Ecology of Psychosomatic Health

  • Interpersonal Relations / Gender

  • Developmental Psychology Issues

  • Psychotraumatology, Trauma and Trauma Therapy

  • Healing Arts – Creative Expression Workshops

  • Body in Mind – Energetic Practices for Meditation and Healing

Our seminars and training events are addressed to those interested in seeking qualitative psychological experiential knowledge for personal growth.

In viewing mental and physical health and wellbeing as something more than the absence of disease, our aim is to focus on integrative approaches to key psychological issues and aspects of human experience, encouraging and promoting experiential knowledge and tools for active self-help and self-care, within the safe, supportive framework of group encounter and process.

The training courses are designed for professionals in the field of mental/social health and education. The seminars are organized in collaboration with partners from the german and english speaking professional community, with broad international educational/clinical experience in the area of Psychotraumatology and Trauma Therapy.

The confusion of spirit and body is quite understandable in a culture where spirit is concretized in magnificent skyscrapers, where cathedrals have become museums for tourists, where woman-flesh-devil are associated, and nature is raped for any deplorable excuse. …. The healing in our selves has to take place first. In bringing our selves to wholeness we become more sensitive to other people. In change of consciousness which happens in us, change of consciousness happens in those around us and in the planet itself.
Marion Woodmann

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