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The Knowledge of the Body

The neurobiologically -informed, somatic oriented trauma treatment  is established on the premise that the nervous system inherently knows how to return to equilibrium, when adequate support is received. In the therapeutic process and within the safe context of the therapeutic relationship, the level of the nervous system regulation is approached mainly through mindfully exploring felt sense experiences and body sensations. The awareness of body sensations and the process of becoming familiar with their related issues is encouraged incrementally and gradually. Thus, the organism’s natural resilience and resistance begins to restore. The physical defensive reactions can complete their neurophysiological cycle, and traumatic stress and the “frozen” stimulation, that has remained bound in the neurovegetative system, can be discharged gradually, in an organic and safe way, without the risk of re-traumatization. In the course of treatment, therefore, the possibility is opened for the client to be able to renegotiate the traumatic experience in the physical, psycho-emotional and cognitive level.

This experiential change is made deliberately in a titrated and slow rhythm. In this way, the organism is given the possibility to achieve integration and incorporation of the new experience.

The nervous system can therefore start to regain its self-regulatory capacity, the sense of vitality, relaxation and wholeness is restored and the symptoms subside. Approaches as Somatic Experiencing® and The NeuroAffective Relational Model NARM™ support a mindful healing and transformation process of trauma (post-traumatic growth), allowing the organic integration of past traumatic experiences  in the flow of personal biography.



“Wer einmal den Fächer der Erinnerung aufzuklappen begonnen hat, stößt in den Falten auf längst Vergessenes.
In den Falten erst sitzt das Eigentliche.”

Walter Benjamin, Orte des Erinnerns

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